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Jude Rosenberg - Senior Associate

Jude Rosenberg is a self-described “candidate care” specialist and key element of the firm’s exhaustive candidate identification and evaluative capabilities. Her extensive experience and focus on this essential element of search has made her highly popular among clients nationwide and a key asset to her Vetted Solutions colleagues across the United States.

Jude is an astute evaluator of leadership talent. Her ability to identify and assess qualified candidates is matched by sophisticated skills in assuring their effective presentation to clients for fair and complete consideration. Her comprehensive approach is driven in part by her passion for successfully completing challenging and complex assignments, backed by a highly disciplined and thorough approach to using technology and other tools to verify and dig into each candidate’s background and qualifications. Her skills in balancing detailed fact-finding with a broad, inclusive perspective are widely recognized and appreciated.

Jude’s professionalism, energy and sophisticated communication skills also make her highly popular with her colleagues and the full spectrum of Vetted Solutions’ clients. Her expertise in serving financially oriented organizations is especially sought after.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Marymount Manhattan College and an MFA in creative writing from Emerson College.

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