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News at Vetted Solutions:

Brittany Bayliss Appointed Vetted Solutions Director

Recruiting Top Talent Article published by ASAE

Market Advisory Letter — Summer 2014

Vetted Solutions Insights Series: Succession Planning

Vetted Solutions Names Tiffany McCarty Vice President

Vetted Solutions Insights Series: The Search Committee

Market Advisory Letter — Year’s End 2013

Panorama welcomes Vetted Solutions into Global Partnership of Leading Independent Executive Search Firms

Vetted Solutions Accepted for AESC Membership

Selection Announcements

Brittany Bayliss Appointed Vetted Solutions Director

Washington, D.C., September 8, 2014 — Brittany Bayliss has been appointed Director of Vetted Solutions, the Washington-based executive search firm specializing in recruiting and consulting on behalf of leading associations and nonprofit organizations nationwide.

Bayliss has significant experience in executive search and recruitment processes including outreach, recruitment and interviewing; screening resumes and interviewing prospective candidates; planning and administering client, candidate and board interaction; and conducting organizational and industry research. Most recently, Bayliss served as Project Director of Association Strategies, Inc. in Alexandria, Va.

“We are delighted to have someone of Brittany’s caliber join Vetted Solutions as a Director,” said Jim Zaniello, president and founder of Vetted Solutions. “She brings a remarkable track record of accomplishments that will serve us and our clients well.”

“I am thrilled to be working for Vetted Solutions” said Bayliss. “We share the same approach to partnering with clients – that what matters most is delivering superior results to organizations who need to fill key executive positions and build top-performing leadership teams.”

Bayliss also served as Program Operations Manager for the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle where she managed the Kidney, Liver, Lung Care and Transplantation Service Line; collaborated with clinical departments in operational and performance improvement; and managed clinical compliance requirements with federal regulatory agencies such as The Joint Commission of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Bayliss joined Vetted Solutions effective September 2, 2014.

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Recruiting Top Talent Article published by ASAE

ASAE recently published an article by Jim Zaniello entitled “Recruiting Top Talent to Associations Requires a New View on Hiring”. Click here to read the article.

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Market Advisory Letter — Summer 2014

Dear Colleagues,

The war for talent is on.

For much of the past decade, top candidates for leadership positions in the association and nonprofit communities have faced a very tough market. But from our perspective, things are changing. Demand for talented leaders is picking up once again, and with it, the competition among associations for the best of the best. So what can associations do to win the war for talent?

Please click here to read the Market Advisory Letter.

Employer Brand
A starting point is a candid assessment of one of your most valuable tools of battle — your employer brand. Strong employer brands help cut through the competitive clutter, providing candidates with a clear, strong picture of some of their most critical considerations. Strong brands do more than simply establish a name. They also communicate the values and principles behind the name, helping speed candidates to an understanding of what makes the opportunity relevant, special and compelling. Strong employer brands attract strong candidates, with less need for education, selling and persuasion.

Strong employer brands go hand in hand with an established organizational culture. Top candidates have a choice in where they work. They look for more than mechanical position requirements and cold experience. The best candidates look beyond the purely practical aspects of a position to the larger work environment. A well-defined culture — based on commitments to such things as excellence, teamwork, open communication, continuous growth and all the other elements of a happy, healthy work environment — can be a key to standing apart and above other competing organizations. To help ensure a cultural fit, 70% of the organizations surveyed recently by the McQuaig Institute indicated they are using behavioral or personality assessments as part of the recruiting process.

To make the most of a strong employer brand and an established culture, leading associations also make sure their recruitment and retention strategy addresses the need for continuity in the caliber and capabilities of individuals at all levels of the organization. It starts with succession planning, not just for the CEO but all other key leadership posts as well. (Be sure to see the special resource on succession planning on our web site.) It extends to a focus on diversity — a recognition of the importance of finding people with a full range of experience, background, perspective and other considerations important to dealing effectively with our interconnected world. And it certainly includes technology. Consider this…according to a William Blair Report on LinkedIn Use, 48% of executive candidates are originally identified via LinkedIn. Additionally, seven out of 10 candidates in the United States use their cellular phones to search for a job according to a SimplyHired survey.

Bringing the candidate into the organization in the right way is critically important. Organizations must develop a comprehensive plan to transition a new hire successfully and this is especially important when the candidate is replacing a long serving highly successful executive. Even the best candidates need guidance and help in the transition to a new position. This ‘on-boarding’ process can be critical to the success of a new hire — and speeding his or her ability to contribute to strong organizational performance.

Today’s Market
So what do we see in the association marketplace? More COO hiring, to allow CEOs to focus more externally. More senior-level market intelligence talent, either from within the sector in which they operate or from top research firms. More marketing executives, especially among associations with highly diverse program, product or service offerings, to lead creation of new offerings and to enhance revenue generation. The most successful associations also seem more prepared to look for talent outside the association community — or at least a mix of corporate and association experience.

As it relates to CEO recruitment, we continue to see a number of vacancies due to retirement, as well as movement to other CEO posts. In replacing talent, Boards want a CEO who can function as a partner — someone capable of working in sync with them both to develop strategic goals and objectives not just for the association but for the industry or profession they serve. Boards are focused on executives who can raise the visibility of the association and the sector it represents, in addition to driving revenue and success in the policy arena. More advanced associations are looking to the association CEO to help ensure a continued talent pool for the industry/profession and to advance any global expansion.

Employer brand… well-defined culture… a thorough recruitment and retention strategy… and a solid onboarding process. All are important in today’s marketplace, perhaps never more so than now. Keep them in mind as you enjoy the remainder of the summer and recharge your batteries for the continuing competition for top leadership talent.

All the best from all of us at Vetted Solutions!

James Zaniello,
President, Vetted Solutions

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Vetted Solutions Insights Series: Succession Planning

As the second item of our Insight Series this year, we are pleased to share our thoughts on CEO and senior staff succession planning. This important topic is one that associations, CVBs/DMOs, and nonprofits must address consistently in order to ensure achievement of their mission and goals. This is a topic we find ourselves engaged in discussion in on a regular basis. Click here to read the Insights article.

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Vetted Solutions Names Tiffany McCarty Vice President

Washington, D.C., May 12, 2014 — Vetted Solutions, a Washington, D.C.-based executive search firm specializing in association and nonprofit recruiting and consulting, announced today that Tiffany McCarty has been appointed vice president at the growing firm.

McCarty, a seasoned executive search consultant with significant experience in senior executive-level appointments at national trade associations and professional societies, most recently served as a principal of the boutique search firm JDG Associates. While there, she significantly grew the firm’s association and nonprofit practice while collaborating in the development of the quarterly Association CEO Workshop, a CEO-level forum on professional and career development.

McCarty also served as senior associate at Stanton Chase International, where she worked directly with clients and conducted extensive candidate development. Prior to that, she was regional recruiting director for Consolidated Graphics in Denver, where she developed a recruiting division for a one of the largest public commercial printing companies in the U.S.

“We’re very excited to have Tiffany join Vetted Solutions as our newest vice president during this very exciting time of growth at our company,” said Jim Zaniello, president and founder of Vetted Solutions. “Tiffany’s broad experience in executive search and her track record of success – coupled with her expertise in association and nonprofit recruiting and consulting – make her a great fit for the Vetted Solutions team. She will play a key role in the firm’s growing practice.”

“I’m thrilled to join the Vetted Solutions team,” said McCarty. “My experience building an association and nonprofit practice at a boutique search firm is tailor-made for my new position at Vetted Solutions and will enable me to jump in and quickly begin adding value to the firm’s great work.”

McCarty joined Vetted Solutions effective May 12, 2014.

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Vetted Solutions Insights Series: The Search Committee

In our work advising associations and nonprofits on CEO selection, we are often asked for our thoughts on a number of matters including how to develop a search committee. Today we are pleased to share with you our first Insight article for this year. During the course of 2014, we will be reaching out to share additional resources such as this with you. Click here to read the Insights article.

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Market Advisory Letter — Year’s End 2013

To all our partners and friends,

On behalf of all of us at Vetted Solutions, let me wish you a happy, prosperous new year.

We’re ending 2013 with many reasons to be optimistic about the future. Like many of our clients, we see encouraging signs of a renewal of our national economy. There is a greater sense of optimism about our future and renewed focus on taking the important steps needed to capitalize on the expanding number of opportunities that come with economic growth. Our clients are thinking more and more about how to direct their organizations toward possibilities — about how to grow and thrive, not just protect and survive.

This renewal of optimism will have a significant effect on the search industry, in several important ways.

Our first job will be to recognize the change in mind-set that comes from an improving environment. Our clients increasingly recognize that the fundamental first step in capturing opportunities is building the right leadership. They know they need the best talent to out-perform and out-compete. They need the right CEO, the right C-suite officers and other critical leaders, and they recognize the competitive scramble that is certain to emerge in finding and attracting the best candidates in what amounts to an emerging bull market for top talent.

At the same time, the renewal of optimism is altering the thinking of potential candidates. There’s less inclination to ‘hunker down’ and wait out the tough times, and much more willingness to think about career opportunities and advancement. Truly talented people once again feel comfortable enough to give greater thought to finding that right career move. The fog of economic uncertainty that clouded the career horizons of many experienced, ambitious professionals is lifting — and as it rises, the talent marketplace will grow correspondingly brighter, and more dynamic.

The shift in thinking by associations, nonprofits and other organizations creates an evolving set of expectations for us at Vetted Solutions.

A first duty for Board members, CEOs, and senior staff is protection of the ‘employer brand.” Such protection begins by making sure the right leaders are in place, from the CEO on down. It means finding people with not just the right experience and qualifications, but equally important men and women who fit the organization’s style and culture — people ideally positioned to succeed immediately and on a continuing basis. It means finding a search partner they can trust to take a constructively proactive role in working effectively with them. That responsibility will only grow more important in the emerging economic and employment environment.

Our clients know they can look to us to dig deeper to know more, so we can tell their story well enough to find exactly the right leader. They can rely on us to deliver consistently superior search results. And we plan to continue doing exactly that, whatever changes may occur in the economy and the marketplace for talent.

Please click here to read the Market Advisory Letter.

All the best from all of us at Vetted Solutions!

James Zaniello,
President, Vetted Solutions

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Panorama welcomes Vetted Solutions into Global Partnership of Leading Independent Executive Search Firms

Washington, D.C., October 15, 2013 — Vetted Solutions announced today that it has been selected to join Panorama, a group of leading independent executive search firms from around the world.

Operating across the world’s major time zones, Panorama is an international network of independent firms who are leading players in their respective markets. While representing a diverse range of local markets and areas of expertise, Panorama members share a strategic commitment to excellence along with similar values and ethics. Through their alliance, Panorama members offer clients an ever-expanding global executive search force with a wide variety of specialties.

Vetted Solutions is a Washington, D.C. based executive search firm specializing in association and non-profit recruiting and consulting, known for providing lasting leadership that drives significant and sustainable results for their clients.

“Vetted Solutions brings to the Panorama network both proximity to the critical Washington, DC market and expertise in association and non-profit search,” said Stephen Bampfylde, Panorama Chair and Executive Chairman of London based firm, Saxton Bampfylde. “Their work with association and non-profit organizations will strengthen our members’ ability to service clients in those sectors and we’re excited to bring them on board.”

“Joining Panorama expands Vetted Solutions’ global reach and helps us better serve our clients,” said Jim Zaniello, president and founder of Vetted Solutions. “We think this is going to be a terrific partnership.”

For more information on Vetted Solutions and their new partnership with Panorama please contact James Zaniello at +1.202.554.4749 or via email at

About Panorama

Panorama is a global network of partners with 20 offices and over 50 partners across Europe, North America and the Asian Pacific. Together we offer global expertise in: Banking, Financial Services & Insurance; Consumer, Retail & Luxury Goods; Education; Healthcare; Industrial Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities; Not-for-Profit/NGOs; Professional & Business Services; and Technology, Media & Telecoms. For further information please visit

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AESC Accepts Six New Firms into Membership

The Association of Executive Search Consultants welcomes Genesis Executive, PwC Executive Search, 79°S Executive Search & Advisory, Stratos Executive Search, Vanderbloemen Search Group, and Vetted Solutions.

NEW YORK – October 29, 2012 — The Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) is pleased to announce the acceptance of six high-caliber retained executive search firms into membership. Their approval follows extensive reference checks, site visits, and votes by the AESC regional councils.

The AESC welcomes:
• Genesis Executive, Calgary
• PwC Executive Search, Dublin
• 79ºS Executive Search & Advisory, Oslo
• Stratos Executive Search, Santiago
• Vanderbloemen Search Group, Houston
• Vetted Solutions, Washington, DC

Based in Calgary, Canada, Genesis Executive has catered to the oil and gas industry since 1983. It focuses on the upstream sector of oil and gas, placing engineers, geoscientists, and management talent.

PwC Executive Search, the retained search practice in PwC Ireland, has been in existence for about 25 years to serve clients across the whole spectrum of public and private sector senior recruitment. As part of PwC Human Resource Services, the search practice works with its own staff, clients, research team and database.

79°S Executive Search & Advisory is a new retained search firm based in Oslo, Norway. This generalist firm aims at serving clients within FMCG, industry, media, culture, oil & gas, finance and public sector in Norway.

Stratos Executive Search is a boutique search firm based in Santiago, Chile and founded in 2007. The firm specializes in searching high level executives, their direct reports, and strategic executives in general management, sales, investments, marketing, engineering, operations, finances, human resources, computing, legal, professional services and supply chain management.

Based in Houston, Texas, Vanderbloemen Search Group specializes in nonprofit, faith-based, and Christian organizations. Their tagline is “We Staff the Church.” Since its founding in 2010, they have carved out a unique niche.

Vetted Solutions is a Washington, DC-based executive search firm specializing in association and nonprofit recruiting and consulting. It focuses on senior staff and CEO positions with trade associations, professional societies, association management companies, cultural institutions, and foundations.

About The Association of Executive Search Consultants

The Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) is the worldwide professional association for the retained executive search and leadership consulting industry. The AESC promotes the highest professional standards in retained executive search and leadership consulting through its industry recognized Code of Ethics and Professional Practice Guidelines. The AESC also serves to broaden public understanding of the retained executive search and leadership consulting process and acts as an advocate for the interests of its member firms.

The AESC also offers, a career management service for senior executives, and, a free service for the HR community offering industry information and tools to assist with senior executive recruiting, including access to the AESC’s International Executive Search Directory.

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Selection Announcements

The American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH) has named Ulric Chung as Chief Executive Officer. He had previously served as Executive Director of the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND)/Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) has named Christopher Wojcik as Vice President of Membership and Industry Development. He had previously served as Director of Marketing and Membership at the American Medical Student Association.

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) has named Laura Horsley, CAE as Vice President of Communications. She had previously served as Director of Communications at the Building Owners and Managers Association International.

The American Society of Hematology (ASH) has named Julie Orlando-Castro, CAE as Director of Education. She had previously served as Director of Professional Development & Global Programs for the Society for Neuroscience.

The American Society of Hematology (ASH) has named Cara Molinari as Director of Training. She had previously served as Director of Education for the International Association for the Study of Pain.

The Auto Care Association has named Behzad Rassuli as Vice President, Market Intelligence. He had previously served as Competitive Intelligence/Corporate Strategist for CARFAX, Inc.

The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. (CFP Board) has named John Loper as Director of Corporate Relations. He had previously served as Vice President, Regional Planning Consultant for Fidelity Investments.

The Cruise Line Industry Association (CLIA) has named Alison Powers as Director of Market Research. She had previously served as Manager, Market Research for Capital One in Richmond & McLean, VA.

Grantmakers in Aging (GIA) has named Maria Gonzales Jackson as Director of Programs and Membership. She had previously served as Program Manager, n4a for the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging.

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) has named Chris Strong as Senior Vice President, Conventions & Membership. He had previously served as Vice President, Membership Marketing at NBAA.

The National Council on Aging (NCOA) has named Cora Plass as Senior Director for Chronic Disease Self-Management Education Resource Center. She previously served as Director, Division of Healthy Aging, for the Bureau of Community Health and Chronic Disease Prevention at the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.

The National School Boards Association has named Michael Zola, Esq. as Associate Executive Director, Office of Federal Advocacy and Public Policy. He previously served as Deputy Staff Director/Senior Counsel in the United States House of Representatives in the office of Congressman George Miller.

OneVoice, the flagship undertaking of the PeaceWorks Foundation, has named Elizabeth Levi as Director of Development. She previously served as Vice President, Strategic Development Support for the Jewish Agency for Israel, International Development.

The United States Tennis Association Mid-Atlantic Section (USTA MAS) has named Tara Fitzpatrick-Navarro as Executive Director. She had previously served as Vice President, Membership, Research & Professional Development for the National Recreation and Park Association.

The Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS) has named Cynthia Karst as Vice President of Workforce Strategy. She had previously served as Senior Principal Consultant/RGS of at the Naval Sea Systems Command in Washington, D.C..

The Florida Society of Association Executives has named Frank Rudd, CMP, CAE as President/CEO. He had previously served as the Executive Director of the Florida Engineering Society and the Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers.

The Association for Healthcare Philanthropy has named Christopher Neumann as Director, Education. He had previously served as the Interim Executive Director for the American Association for Physical Activity and Recreation.

The Community Health Accreditation Program has named Dawn Murr-Davidson as Regional Director of Professional Services. She had previously been the Director of Clinical and Telehealth Services at Honeywell HomMed, Honeywell International Inc.

The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses has named Dana Woods as CEO. She has worked with AACN since 1999, and served most recently as the Senior Director, Organizational Effectives.

American Society of Anesthesiologists has named Nora Matus as Director of Congressional and Political Affairs. She had previously been the Chief of Staff for Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey.

National Council on Aging has named Sharon Gleason as Chief Development Officer. Sharon had previously been Director of Development for the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital.

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization has named Anita Brikman as Senior Vice President, Office of Strategic Communications. She has previously been the Evening News Anchor and Health Correspondent for WUSA 9 TV, Washington, DC, a CBS Affiliate.

Association of Pool and Spa Professionals has named Richard Gottwald as President & CEO. He was previously Executive Vice President of the International Sign Association.

Association for Retail Environments has named Todd Dittman as Executive Director. Todd was previously Vice President of Marketing and Analysis for Dairy Management, INC.

CCA Global Partners has named Sharon Schenk as Director of Conventions and Event Management. She was previously the Founder and Owner of Schenk & Associates.

Destination Marketing Association International has named Vickie Singer as Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications. Vickie was previously a Partner with EDGE Consulting.

DIA – The Global Forum for Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science has named DJ Johnson as Senior Manager, Membership. DJ had previously been the Senior Manager, Volunteer Relations at ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership.

Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association has named Susan Crosby as Director of Communications. She had previously been the Director, Communication & Education at SIGMA: America’s Leading Fuel Marketers.

Lutheran Services in America has named Shannon Steene as Vice President of Member Engagement. He had previously been the Executive Director of Good Shepherd Housing and Family Services.

Management Solutions Plus has named Karen Groppe as Account Executive. Karen had previously been Principal Consultant with NTT Data Federal Systems, Inc.

American Society of Hematology has named Margaret Bogie as Senior Manager of Education. Margaret was previously a Director at the Pharmaceutical Education and Research Institute.

The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) has appointed Geoffrey Brown as its new Chief Executive Officer. Previously, he served as Association Manager for the SenterGroup. Read press release.

The Association of Collegiate Conference and Event Directors-International has named Karen Nedbal as Executive Director. Previously, she had been the Director of Membership at the Solar Energy Industries Association.

El-Hibri Charitable Foundation has named Judy Barsalou as President. Previously, she had been a Visiting Scholar at the American University in Cairo.

National Association of Medical Staff Services, a client of SmithBucklin, has named Lynn Boyd as Executive Director. Previously, she had been the National Manager, New Therapy Access at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

The North American Veterinary Conference has named Thomas Bohn as CEO. Previously, he served as the CEO of AssociationDirect.

The International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association has named Bill Cramer as Director of Communications. Previously, he had been the Marketing Director at the National Association of Counties.

The International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association has named Kristin Bromberg as Marketing Manager. Previously, she had been the Director of Communications at the Finishing Contractors Association.

The American Society of Hematology has named Bill Reed as Director of Meetings. Previously, he had been Senior Vice President, Strategic Sales at Experient.

Cruise Lines International Association has named Tom Fischetti as Chief Financial Officer. Previously, he had been Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.

The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors has named Bevin Callan as Membership Manager. Previously, she had been the Membership Services Coordinator at ISACA.

Community Health Accreditation Program has named Aisha Bivens as Vice President of Quality. Previously, she had been the Associate Vice President, Quality and Clinical Effectiveness, Local Integrity Officer at Washington Adventist Hospital.

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