Vetted Solutions - A Specialist Executive Search Company

A Specialist Executive Search Company

At Vetted Solutions, we help associations and nonprofits recruit, retain and cultivate key talent. Your organization may have a specific short-term recruiting need that is just as mission critical as finding the right talent for the long-term.

Executive Search We realize that any senior hiring decision has an effect on both the organization and the individual selected for the position. Vetted Solutions is your partner in this important process, from candidate identification and screening through to interviews, placement and beyond. We provide you with thoroughly vetted and prepped candidates, to minimize your work and maximize your return. Whether you seek known, proven talent or a bright, emerging leader, Vetted Solutions has the contacts and relationships to find you the most qualified candidates.

Interim Solutions Not all assignments are permanent. Your organization may have a specific, short-term requirement that is just as mission critical as a long-term placement. Vetted Solutions is a specialist in providing tailored solutions to unique client needs. We can help you find the right candidate for your immediate circumstances, while best positioning your organization for the next phase in its development.

Association Management Consulting Our team members have previously led world-class associations and hospitality organizations. We apply these experiences to help our clients assemble, guide, and manage highly effective staff teams and operations. Our consulting experience spans:

• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Organizational Assessments
• Authentic Onboarding®
• Succession Planning
• Board and Governance Advisory
• Organization Design and Staff Development

Whether you need a confidential ear to talk through a tough challenge or issue, or guidance in developing your board, we will bring our experience in best practices to whatever challenges you face.

Diversity Commitment Our perspective on diversity and inclusion is, perhaps, a unique one. Our business is people. We help our clients connect with the right individuals who enable their organizations to thrive and grow.

We have seen the importance of helping our clients look beyond the expected norm during the executive search process. We have witnessed the lasting, positive impacts different backgrounds, fresh perspectives, and diverse experiences bring to organizations. We appreciate the added value of a deliberate and intentional approach to diversity and inclusion.

We work with our clients to understand and support their own focus on diversity and inclusion, and then connect them with top-tier executive talent that meets organizational needs and furthers their goals. Our process concentrates on the professional skills, experiences, abilities, and cultural fit of the candidates we bring to the table.

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